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ITF European championships

on Friday, 02 August 2019. Posted in UTA News

ITF European championships

ITF European championships

UTA Umpires course

on Tuesday, 15 May 2018. Posted in UTA News

UTA Umpires course 12th May 2018

UTA Umpires course

Fantastic turn out for the UTA Umpires course which was held on Saturday 12th May 2018 at the Biggleswade Dojang. We had 44 black belts attend who went through the competition rules and umpire rules with lots of practical assessments to familiarise them with all the rules and procedures. 

Our hope is that from here many of the umpires will help at our UTA competition on the 19th May and then progress onto the UKITF tournament umpiring and even further onto ITF umpire qualifications. 

ITF World championships 2018

on Wednesday, 18 April 2018. Posted in UTA News

UTA competitors going to the ITF world championships 2018

ITF World championships 2018

On behalf of the UTA committee I would like to congratulate the 8 competitors who have been selected to represent their country at the world championships in Argentina this summer. 

We are proud to be able to support them in their journey to becoming a world champion medalist and to gain more experience in their competition career.

Well done and Taekwon

Master Horan.

Sparring seminar with Master Horan

on Monday, 09 July 2018. Posted in UTA News

Sparring seminar with Master Horan

Sparring seminar with Master Horan

Sparring Seminar 23rd June 2018-07-02

On a hot Saturday many students from across the UTA came together in Northampton for a sparring seminar hosted by Mr Bonfield and conducted by Master Horan as a fundraiser for the UTA. Over the three hours all the students learned many new and ‘old school’ techniques to sparring. It started with a warm up, which linked newer warm up methods with the old, giving us all a taste of training in the past. We then moved onto point sparring techniques, how to be quick off the mark and make your opponent move to score a point. We also looked at leg techniques, not just kicking once but kicking twice or three times with the same leg. There was also a focus on defending, moving your body but to be able to score a point, getting around certain kicks. We then got into groups and participated in what has become known at HSTS squad as ‘Ring of Fire’, this is where one person is in the centre and has to spar each person in their group for ten seconds each. This is a hard work out, but gives you a chance to work on footwork, defence and attacking skills and also a chance to spar a range of people in a short space of time. The three hour session finished with a few rounds of two minute spars to work on many of the new ideas given to us by Master Horan. I think everyone would agree that it was a fun, hard working three hours seminar with lots of useful ideas to be taken away to use in our own training. Many thanks to Master Horan for giving up your time and expertise and also to Mr Bonfield for hosting.

Mrs Kelly Rose 3rd Dan

UTA Championships 2018 Time Slots

on Sunday, 13 May 2018. Posted in UTA News, UTA Clubs News

UTA Championships 2018 Time Slots
  •  -
  • The Highfield School
  • Letchworth
  • Herts
  • SG6 3QA

Order of Play – Saturday 19th May 2018


Officials Arrival and Set Up – 8.00am

Official’s Briefing – 8.45am


Little Dragons All Grades – Start Time – 9.00am


Coloured/Black Belt Female Adults/Senior – Start Time – 10:45am

Cadets Yellow/Green – Start Time – 10.45am

Coloured/Black Belt Male Adults/Senior – Start Time – 12:30pm

Cadets Blue/Red/Black – Start Time – 1.30pm

Juniors – All Grades – Start Time – 1.30pm


Please note that all times are approximate. These are guidelines to enable you plan your day and arrive before your event.

UTA Black belt Grading

on Thursday, 22 March 2018. Posted in UTA News

UTA Black belt grading

UTA Black belt Grading

Saturday 17th March 2018 saw nearly 30 students from the UTA come together to be tested for their next dan grade.

It began at 9am with all the patterns from chon-ji to choi-yong, then moving onto set sparring, self-defence and kicks. This two hour session did a great job in calming the nerves which led onto the theory at 11am.

With half hour lunch we then moved onto to the practical part of the test finishing at 4pm.

Well done to all students who passed and now onto the next level.

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