Self-Defence course at UTA Brackley

on Wednesday, 05 July 2017. Posted in UTA News, UTA Clubs News

SSelf-Defence course at UTA Brackley

Self-Defence course at UTA Brackley

In December 2016 Mr Blackham conducted a self defence course for the kids of Westbury Village near Brackley. The course ran over three consecutive weekends with each session lasting 1 ½ hours and having 26 attendee’s.

It started with discussion aimed at increasing their own awareness of the environment they are in and how they can improve their safety by keep not looking down at electronic devices and wearing headphones etc, this was complimented with demonstrations aided by one of the local Dads.

Following on from there more practical self defence techniques were worked on, including wrist and hold releases, basic pad work and direct attack. The second two weeks started with a brief reminder of what we had covered prompting the kids to say what they had done and why rather than just telling them.

The course was a great success and great fun while raising funds for the local village hall. The help of one of the Dads for all the demo’s was very much appreciated and he was happy that he learnt to do the same techniques and found it ‘ a real eye opener’