UK ITF Finals 2023

UK ITF Finals 2023



24 Competitors – 42 Medals
27 Gold
10 Silver
5 Bronze
🥇Freya-UK Champion-U14’s Female 1st Degree Patterns
🥇Freya U14’s-UK Champion-Female Welterweight/Heavyweight Sparring
🥈Saphiya- Silver- U14’s Female 1st Degree Patterns
🥇Amelie-UK Champion-U14’s Female Heavyweight Sparring
🥇Amelie-Finals Day Champion-U14’s Female Welter/Heavyweight Sparring
🥉Jason-Bronze-U14’s Male 1st Degree Patterns
🥉Jason-Bronze-U14’s Male Lightweight Sparring
🥈Jason-Silver-U14’s Male Microweight Sparring
🥇Ryan-UK Champion-U14’s Male 1st Degree Patterns
🥈Ryan-Silver-U14’s Male Lightweight Sparring
🥇Ryan-Finals Day Champion-U14’s Male Welterweight Sparring
🥇Harrison-UK Champion-U14’s Male Welterweight Sparring
🥇Kiano-UK Champion-U14’s Male Middleweight Sparring
🥉Lucas-Bronze-U14’s Male Middleweight Sparring
🥇Madison-UK Champion-U18’s Female 1st Degree Patterns
🥇Madison-UK Champion-U18’s Female Microweight Sparring
🥈Madison-Silver- U18’s Female Special Technique
🥈Ella-Silver-U18’s Female 2nd Degree Patterns
🥉Ella-Bronze-U18’s Female Special Technique
🥇Oliver-UK Champion-U18’s Male 2nd Degree Patterns
🥇Thomas-UK Champion-U18’s Male Microweight Sparring
🥇Aiden-UK Champion-U18’s Male Heavyweight Sparring
🥈Zach-Silver-U18’s Male Heavyweight Sparring
🥈Ellis Lacey-Silver-Adult Male 3rd Degree Patterns
🥇Ellis Lacey-UK Champion-Adult Male Welterweight
🥇Leighton Callahan-UK Champion- Adult Male 3rd Degree Patterns
🥈Leighton Callahan-Silver-Adult Male Lightweight Sparring
🥉Noah Careford-Bronze-Adult Male 3rd Degree Patterns
🥇Noah Careford-UK Champion- Adult Middleweight Sparring
🥇Noah Careford-UK Champion- U18’s Male Hyperweight Sparring
🥇Elliott Callahan-UK Champion- Adult Male 4th Degree Patterns
🥇Elliott Callahan-Finals Day Champion- Adult Male 4th/5th Degree Patterns
🥇Elliott Callahan-UK Champion-Adult Male Microweight Sparring
🥇Tracey Whelpdale-UK Champion- Senior Female 2nd Degree Patterns
🥇Tracey Whelpdale-Finals Day Champion- Adult/Senior Female 2nd Degree Patterns
🥇Tracey Whelpdale-Finals Day Champion-Senior Female 2nd/3rd Degree Patterns
🥇Kelly Rose-UK Champion-Senior Female 5th Degree Patterns
🥇Kelly Rose-UK Champion-Senior Middleweight Sparring
🥈Elvis Baugh-Silver-Senior Male 1st Degree Patterns
🥈Elvis Baugh-Silver-Senior Male Lightweight Sparring
🥇Greg Rose-UK Champion-Senior Male 4th/5th Degree Patterns
🥇Greg Rose-UK Champion-Senior Male Middleweight Sparring


U14’s Male Pattens
🥈 Archie, Jason, Kiano
🥉 Harrison, Lucas, Ryan
U14’s Male Sparring
🥈 Harrison, Lucas, Ryan
🥉 Archie, Jason
U18’s Female Pattens
🥇 Ella, Izzy, Madison
🥉 Amelie, Freya, Saphiya
U18’s Female Sparring
🥈 Ella, Izzy, Madison
U18’s Male Pattens
🥉Noah, Oliver, Ramone
U18’s Male Sparring
🥉Noah, Ramone, Thomas
A big thank you to UK ITF for facilitating the opportunity for our competitors to accomplish their dreams and have a great experience.