UTA Championships 2022

UTA Championships 2022

On Saturday 18th June 2022, the Unified Taekwon-Do Association held its National Championships. This was the first UTA tournament in 3 years due to the Covid pandemic. It was evident that everybody was eager to get back to competing as there was a total of 320 competitors!

After the umpires meeting and set up of various stalls, the competition was ready to start. Students and supporters filled the Highfield School Gym, all ready to get going. Each student had 30 seconds to perform all the techniques they have learned in their classes. First up were the White and Yellow Stripe Little Dragons, swiftly followed by the Green, Blue and Red Stripe categories. For the Red Stripe Dragons, there was also an extra special technique event, which involved performing a flying side kick on a pad.  Every Little Dragon gave it their all and had huge smiles when they collected their participation medals, chocolate and trophies for 3rd, 2nd and 1st places. After the conclusion of the Little Dragons competition, Master Horan highlighted the competitors present who will be representing Team UK at the World Championships in the Netherlands in July. A few of these competitors started their Taekwon-Do journey in Little Dragons, so it was great to see the performances of possible future World Champions!

Next, the Adult/Senior Female Black Belts and Cadet Yellow/Green Belts began their competition. Spectators were able to see some of our Team UK Competitors in action and were wowed by the high standards in Sparring and Patterns. Soon after, the Adult and Senior Male Black Belts started their events. Spectators were once again able to see the very high standards of the UTA competitors and see current World and European Champions in action. Inspired and enthused from watching the Black Belts, the Adult and Senior colour belts showed tremendous spirit and technique in each discipline of Taekwon-Do competition. Finally, it was the time of the remaining Cadet grades and Juniors to end the competition on a high.

For many students, this was their first opportunity to take part in a Taekwon-Do Competition. The day was a fantastic display of the tenets and spirit of Taekwon-Do, with new friendships formed and a rekindling of old ones after many years. Every competitor gave it all of their efforts and never gave in, remaining humble in victory and gracious in defeat.

The UTA would like to thank all Umpires, Helpers, Volunteers, Students, Instructors and Spectators for their help and support of the event. All proceeds will be going to help fund our International Competitors at this World Championships and beyond. Without your support, it would not be possible to allow these Competitors to follow their dreams of becoming World Champions.

We hope you enjoyed the day and we look forward to the next one!